Someone once told me “never trust a Neapolitan”, but let me tell you, he was wrong. Especially when it comes to pizza. The very best in NYC can be found in the West Village at the freestanding Rossopomodoro, the brains behind Eataly’s pizza operation. Overseen by the ever-charming Simone Falco (whose former gig included working on particle acceleration with CERN -yep, that CERN from Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons) he and his team of pizzaioli will not disappoint.

Come for the pizza, but don’t forgo the rest of the menu from chef Miguel Lopez. Offering a surprisingly high number of gluten free and dairy free options, the focus is simply prepared, Neapolitan inspired dishes made with locally sourced and organic ingredients as much as possible. A cool spot in a cool part of town, run by some very cool guys. Go.

Source The Abettor