Looks a lot like the West Village space that was formerly Lyon and the subsequent, more short-lived Cole’s Greenwich Village will next become a stand-alone location of Rossopomodoro Pizza, a chain that prizes ingredients like Caputo flour straight from Naples and whose current U.S.presence is limited to partnerships at Eataly Chicago and its New York City flagship. A reader alerts Grub to new life in the space, and a liquor license application on file with the SLA lists Rossopomodoro as the incoming operator, as well as Simone Falco, the chain’s president and CEO. It’s not yet known if Rosario Granieri, the pizza-maker who opened Eataly’s Rossopomodoro, is involved with the new one, but in either case this is a major development for pizza in the neighborhood, as well as a completely new direction for the space.

Source Grub Street