The 2017 season has been characterized by low numbers, as a dry summer and fall created a shortage of the already exotic mushroom. However, this year’s harvest is unique only in their price, explains White. It’s the quantity, not the quality, of the truffles that has been impacted, and New York restauranteurs are making the best of the frightful fungal fall, offering an array of options for the urban truffle hunter.  

In some ways, the scarcity did not impact menus, as chefs already anticipate working with a different type of truffle year over year. Each season is different, influenced by timing. “There’s more than 100 different aromas for every truffle,” explains Simone Falco, the chef at Rossopomodoro, which will have a special white truffle menu through the end of November. The flavor is heavily influenced by the environment—if a truffle grows next to a walnut tree, for example, that will impact the taste.

For Falco, simplicity is key, and he suggests Spaghetto alla Chitarra—spaghetti, butter and truffles—as a dish that capitalizes on the truffle’s unique taste. 

Source Avenue Magazine